Welcome to the gym (that really doesn't feel like a gym)

We're a badass community of self-reflective people who don't care for the bright lights, loud music and small talk found in a typical gym environment. We explore, experiment and build strength within ourselves and with each other.

We're located in the heart of Fremont in Seattle, WA. See a map.



our Manifesto

The following values guide our decisions, our interactions and our movement.

1: We are inclusive

We need a community of many types of people to thrive. You are welcome here. Make yourself at home.

2: We are strong

We start with what's working. Where are your strengths? How can we expand them? We celebrate your badassery.

3: We are connected

 Accountability, feedback, and collaboration lead to evolution and growth. We are creating this community together. 

4. We are mindful

We practice intentional movement. We honor progression. We listen to the stories our bodies share with us.

5. We are curious

There are about 1,000 ways to squat. We'll practice all of them. And then we'll interpretive dance.

6. We are human

Show up as you are. We don't have to be great. We don't have to be happy. But we'll sure as hell celebrate when we are.