Fitness for people who don't like the gym


One-on-one yoga or fitness is a great way to build a solid base, get focused on your goals, ease stress and feel better in your body. And if you need a little accountability to stay on track, I'm happy to be your point person. Private yoga or fitness sessions can be designed to prepare you for group classes, discuss technique, give you "me time," develop a self-care routine, etc. 


Semi-private training is a great way to get the attention to detail you'd expect working with a trainer, while splitting the cost among the group. Similar to a 1-on-1 training membership, you'll select a consistent time to come in weekly. Within this small group atmosphere, we'll progressively explore movements that get you closer to your goals.

not your traditional gym

We are inclusive. We are strong. We are connected. We are mindful. We are curious. We are human.

Located in the heart of Fremont, we're a badass community of self-reflective people who don't care for the bright lights, loud music and small talk found in a typical gym environment. We explore, experiment and build strength within ourselves and with each other.


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