Come celebrate on Friday, May 4th! 

Over the past couple years, I’ve met a lot of really incredible people who helped me figure out what I wanted to do with this life, allowed me to experirement, and eventually co-created this thing called TB Movement Co.

I like to think that the “Co.” stands for company, but in the “having company over for a BBQ” or “keep each other company when lifting this heavy-ass kettlebell” kinda way. I want everyone who walks through the door to feel at home. So that’s what we’re creating, a home. It is a place for growth, connection, badassery, awkwardness, embodiment, curiosity and fun to flourish. 

I am sooooooo freaking grateful and cannot wait to see you there! Please help celebrate the grand opening of our sweet little space in Fremont. Bring a friend (or 11) and enjoy food, giveaways and a few really special surprises!

DETAILS & RSVP on facebook event


Yoga, Fitness & Injury Recovery


One-on-one yoga or fitness is a great way to build a solid base, get focused on your goals, ease stress and feel better in your body. And if you need a little accountability to stay on track, I'm happy to be your point person. Private yoga or fitness sessions can be designed to prepare you for group classes, discuss technique, give you "me time," develop a self-care routine, etc. 


Monday  –  10:30am & 1:15pm
Tuesday  –  10:30am & 1:15pm
Thursday  –  10:30am & 1:15pm
Friday  –  10:30am & 1:15pm

A mid-day burst of strength training + yoga. Classes are inclusive as f**k, but geared toward badass introverts, highly-sensitive people and those who want all of the strength, confidence and community of a gym...without the grunting and loud music.


If you're recovering from an injury, but don't yet have all of the pieces in place to run, climb or work like you used to, I'd be happy to work with your doc or PT to get you moving in the right direction. This is a 3 month progression designed to bridge the gap between PT and badassery.

Next opening: May 15!


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